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Title Field Trip is open!
Writer HIS-DAPS 2019 Secretariat Date 2019-07-18 Hit 157
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[Half-day Field Trip Program]

1.     Site: Darakdae Providing Ground

2.     Date: Dec 6 (not decided yet)

3.     Maximum number of participants: 40 

4.      Schedule

A.      KMA Darakdae Providing Ground by Bus (about 1 hour)

B.      Visit and Entry Procedure: 20 min

C.      Indoor test range Tour and demonstration firing: 20 min

D.      Sled test range Tour: 20 min

E.      Dynamic thermal measurement lab Tour and demo detonation test: 20 min

F.      Field test range Tour: 30 min

G.     Return: 1 hour

5.      Recruitment of participants: To be announced

6.      Indemnity

A.      While the organizer will make every effort to screen operators and observe best safety practices, the individual must accept personal responsibility for insurance against travel risk and injury.

B.      Please note that insurance is not included in the field trips and participants are responsible for their own insurance.

C.      Participants on field trips agree to indemnify HIS-DAPS against any claims as arising from injury or loss sustained during the outings.